Online Learning



It is the dawn of the new age. Information technology has transformed our life. Now we can get any information easily on our smartphone or laptop, through the internet.  30 years before today, we could not even dream of so much easy availability of information. Now we can easily book a cab, order food from a restaurant, purchase goods online from the comfort of our home.

The Internet has made our daily life easier. Educational Institutions also utilize this opportunity and have started online courses for outstation students and for working people, who cannot give time for classroom teaching. By providing education in this way, the US educational institutions can expand the number of their students. This increase in the number of an Institution’s students helped directly on the increase of its revenue.

This website is to help students who want to start online learning. Because of the recent CoronaVirus outbreak, more and more US institutions are opening more online courses for their students. This website is launched with an aspiration of helping the students by giving them useful information.

This website also contains some good, useful course links suitable for job-seekers. They can learn new technologies or brush-up the already learned ones by learning those courses.


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