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With the advanced technology and internet system, it is very easy to acquire an online degree from various universities. Universities in the USA offer various courses online to facilitate students. The field of psychology is growing. Universities also offer an online bachelor of science in psychology in the USA. These programs are online and so Non-USA students can also take admission in these universities for their bright future.




Colleges which offer an Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

If someone is passionate about becoming a licensed clinical psychologist, they need to focus on these programs.

Liberty University (BS in Psychology)

If someone is interested in studying the human mind and issues related to the human mind, he or she needs to acquire a Bachelor of Science in psychology to improve his or her knowledge. The BS program of Liberty University is 100% online, and it is a 08-week course program. Liberty University allows you to have further specialization in military resilience, criminal psychology, crisis counseling, life coaching, addictions and recovery, and developmental psychology. Besides, there are further general courses and life coaching.

You will learn 

Liberty University teaches students in a real-life practical way so that the students can easily help their clients to improve their relational, emotional, and spiritual being. You will learn how to monitor, organize, and intercept research. Featured online courses are psychological foundations of learning, psychological psychology, psychology, and Christianity, and abnormal psychology.


Learning about drug addiction and recovery prepares you for a career that is focused on impacting the lives of individuals and their families. On the other hand, a Christian counseling degree will help you to understand and learn various aspects of Christian counseling.  A criminal psychology degree is about the criminal justice system in America, and it is also related to ethics.

For Military persons

Ex-Military people are supported by Liberty University for their service to the country. Therefore, liberty university is honored to help those ex-military people in their journey here in learning. For undergraduate courses, tuition discounts are $250 per credit hour. 8-week courses and 08 different start dates every year. It needs a minimum of 125 credit hours, these programs come under behavioral sciences, and it has military benefits.

Admission requirements

The applicant must have a GPA of 2.0 or above in taking admission. You have to submit an admission application, application fee, transcript, a self-certification form. You have to present your English proficiency as well.

Liberty University and your career

A bachelor’s degree in psychology has many applications. You may work in various fields like advocacy, affirmative action officer, case manager, community relations manager, laboratory assistant, and research assistant.

Peru State College (BS in Psychology)

This college argues that students who passed on psychology from their institute will excel in demonstrating important concepts via psychology. These students will excel in scientific inquiry and critical thinking, Moreover, students will learn to interpret psychological phenomenon, ethical and social responsibility in various aspects. Students will be able to evaluate psychological science. They will advance well in the communication field.

This college has its criteria for admission. The student has to present a solid reason for taking this subject along with presenting the official transcript. English test of TOFEL is necessary and international English language test means ILETS and you must acquire a minimum score of 6.5. Presenting old and new SAT, but students of Canada, Australia, England, and New Zealand do need to present SAT. Peru State College faculty members are experienced in policymaking and decision making. All courses are online and courses are up to date to meet modern challenges.

Kentucky College (BS in Psychology)

This college offers an online bachelor in Science degree in psychology. Let us discuss its degree map and format.

First of all, the course consists of general education, in which general humanities are of 09 credit hours, aesthetics 06 credit hours, social sciences 06 credit hours, natural science 06 credit hours, physical education and health 03 credit hours, etc. In total, it has 39 credit hours. Major courses include an introduction to psychology which is 03 credit hours, statistics in behavioral sciences of 03 credit hours, research methods in psychology of 03 credit hours, personality theories of 03 credit hours.  Also, abnormal psychology, learning theories, cognitive psychology, senior seminar in psychology all having 03 credit hours. Psychology electives have 15 credit hours. General electives of 42 credit hours, total credit hours needed for graduation is 120 credit hours.

Trine university

It offers an online Bachelor of Science in psychology, which is fully 100% online; it has a total of 120 credit hours and it has a program length of 04 years. General education has 36 credit hours; additional hours are 36 hours, content requirements 48 hours

Washington State university

It made an online division in 1992; it offers more than 40 programs online. Regarding psychology, it has credit hours of 120, while major courses are of 35 credit hours.

In psychology, it includes neurosciences, cognition, social and motivation, clinical, and counseling. Students can start their program in spring or fall. Applicants need to present a high school diploma, SAT, or ACT scores.

The University of Louisville

It offers both undergraduate and graduate-level programs. It has an introduction to psychology which includes sensation, perception, cognition, and social psychology. Moreover, it has statistics for psychology, life span development psychology, brain, and behavior, etc.

Mercer University

Mercer University offers an online bachelor of Science program in psychology. The slogan of this university is to think critically. Its psychology program is designed for adults who are very busy with some other work. It admits students five times a year. In January, March, May, August, and October. Sub studies of psychology here at Mercer University include education, human resources, social services, counseling, and case management.  Its program plan is of 24 credit hours. Subjects include cognitive psychology, lifespan development, Research method I, Research method II and Capstone Research Project. Electives in major are 12 hours, total major hours are 36 hours, general education is 39 hours, electives 45 hours and thus total degree requirements are 120 hours. This total degree requirements credit-hour is excluding electives in major.

Colorado State University

It offers a research-oriented program online based on the field of psychology. Courses are taken both for arts and science. Its online curriculum comprises lectures and lab hours. The number of students who are admitted to online learning is 469. Outside state tuition per online credit hours is $419/$419. Its first online program was offered in 1994-1995. It has a full-time online faculty of 142 and one New Year student retention rate is 78%.

Fayetteville State University

The number of students it takes for an online bachelor of Science education in psychology is 945 and the acceptance rate is 50.3% and the ACT score of accepted students is 18^3.

Eastern Oregon University

This university offers an online course in psychology and including a sample of stress and disease, child development, brain and behavior, abnormal psych, sensation and perception, and personality.

Career option after Bachelor in Psychology 

One can get various jobs in psychology. Detail has been given under.

Advertising Agent

It involves persuasive advertisement or researching a target to create product messaging. It requires a good knowledge of the science of persuasion.

Case Manager

It refers to social and human service assistants meaning providing counsel to people when they are in difficult situations. Only a psychologically qualified person can coordinate in the best way when someone is in a difficult situation. They are critical thinkers and they know human nature well.

Probation and Parole officer

One can pursue a career in criminal justice. Psychology qualified is best for probation and parole officers. They monitor convicts and coordinate with other professionals.  They also make recommendations to the court in such criminal cases. The court takes advantage of its technical techniques.

Rehabilitation officer

Rehabilitation Officer helps and assists people struggling with physical and mental disabilities.  With this help, such people become self-sufficient and live on their own. Rehabilitation officers offer great services to societies.


They can find jobs at the elementary level, middle school, or high school. They can teach various subjects.

Social service specialist

They can find jobs in various social service sectors like non-profit organizations and other government agencies.

Sales Representatives

Bachelors acquire a variety of interpersonal communication skills. They can be the best sales representatives for they have remarkable skills, their speaking and communication power is up to the mark. They also have a good understanding of human behavior, which is an essential factor in top sales representatives.

Psychiatric Technician

A degree in psychology does not qualify graduates for a career as a psychologist; it does prepare them to work in the field of mental health and human services. A few job positions available to undergraduate psychology majors include mental health technician, social work assistant, and psychiatric technician.

Market Researcher

People with a bachelor’s degree in psychology can be a good market researcher. Students of psychology have a good grip on statistical analysis as well as scientific methodologies.

Laboratory Assistant

They are involved in experiments and research psychology. They often work in government agencies, private sector businesses, and university psychology programs.

Child Care Worker

One can present his services in child care in relevant institutes related to mental health.


One can be a writer. It is said that psychology is one of the most writing-intensive majors next to English. They may become technical writers, newspaper reporters, and advertising copywriters.

Some Hidden Gems

There are countless fields like activities director, Alumni director, benefits manager, claims supervisor, coach, community worker, computer programmer, conservation officer, correction officer, Real estate agent, public relation representative, criminal investigator, database administrator, disability policy worker, social service aide, FBI, employment counselor, employment interviewer, fundraiser, veterans counselor, system analyst, job analyst, information analyst, volunteer coordinator, health care facility administrator and victim’s advocate.

A Misconception

There is a misconception that a bachelor’s in psychology is useless and is considered only as prerequisites for a master’s in psychology, but this is not true. A degree in psychology is versatile. Students of psychology can apply in a large number of disciplines, and students of psychology can try in a variety of professions.


The American Department of Labour estimates that job prospects for degree holders in psychology will grow at an average rate over the next ten years, driven largely by the need for psychological services in mental health centers, schools, hospitals, social service agencies, and private businesses.

Training and income potential

One of the factors which influence the viability of a psychology job is the amount of money it takes. Moreover, psychologists undergo official training to become licensed and certified within the state in which they want to work.

The attractive side is the income of psychologists. The average income of psychologists in the United States of America is $24,750.

Moreover, this salary may reach a median of $90,020 when specialty certifications and experience are introduced meaning with more expertise one can earn more, it depends on your experience and certification. General school psychologists may earn around $67,650 a year while psychologists in major organizations or research facilities have even more earning potential.

Overall, the healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the economy. From common man to high class we see there are mental problems regarding their lives, therefore advancement in the psychological field has become the cry of the day.  Longer life spans and widespread acceptance of mental health techniques have created a pattern of growth for psychologists and mental health professionals. The answer to, “is the future promising for those obtaining a degree in psychology” is yes because of the positive job growth expected, as well as the healthy salary potential of the profession.

Overall employment of psychologists is predicted to grow 14% from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. Employment growth will vary by occupation.

The employment rate of counseling, clinical, and school psychologists is being explained to grow 14 % from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. Greater demand for psychological services in various fields like schools, hospitals, government agencies, and other fields exists and this demand is increasing day by day. 


Acquiring a bachelor’s degree in psychology is now easy to acquire online from various universities in the United States of America with affordable fees. Moreover, there are scholarship programs for students as well. With a degree in psychology, one can present his services to the nation working in various departments.

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