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The online health science degree is structured to help students to know about different aspects of studying Healthcare, mental health, public health, and bioethics. Students who are enrolled in an online health science degree can learn about nutrition, disease prevention, Healthcare techniques, and community health. The students who want to opt for a bachelor of science in health science online can get the opportunity to practice their careers in community, education, and Healthcare. This degree emphasizes the skills, knowledge, attributes, and objectives that are required to work in this evolving and complex healthcare environment. Some online health science degrees emphasize more on a health information system and basic legal principles of Healthcare. There are also some hybrid health science bachelor programs available in many universities.



The online bachelor in Health Sciences

Typically, you need to complete 120 credit hours for your bachelor’s degree in health science. For those who have transferred into this course, the cost and credit hours of the degree for them will depend on their previous credit hours, academic progress, and course choices.

It is not a clinical degree. It will only help you to build a career in fields related to health.

Program structure

For some Institutes, this degree is 100 % online i.e., there is no need to visit campus. But for other Institutes, you need to visit the Institute campus some times during this degree. Candidates can fulfill the degree requirements with a blend of self-paced and semester-based courses. If you are interested in pursuing a clinical or professional program later, then this degree is still helpful for you. But you must be well aware of the condition that these science courses are not presently available 100% online in various institutes. You can get the best advice regarding your academic plans and the completion of health science prerequisites for an academic adviser.

Course Work

The course work of online bachelors in health science covers some major area like:

  • Introduction to the health professions
  • Introduction to research
  • Public health practice and principles
  • Clinical ethics
  • Action-oriented experiential learning
  • Health care and health science in the United States of America

School Selection Criteria

All the students that have a passion to study health sciences can pursue an online bachelor’s in health science from any good institute. This will enable them to balance their studies with work and other responsibilities. While opting for health science programs, students should consider the following factors:

  • Interested candidates are suggested to do some research about the respective degree and its educational requirements for entry into a chosen profession.
  • The students that are working may be intrigued by the programs that offer online education via online lectures and courses
  • There is a diversity in health science programs that can help you to achieve a diploma, associate’s degree, certificate, or even a bachelor’s degree. It is very important to consider the type of program, as your passion and profession must coincide.


online health science degree Image
online health science degree Image

The curriculum of the online bachelors in health science is focused primarily on preparing the students to:

  • Develop ethical, administrative, and professional skills to prepare the students for leadership roles throughout the health science field.
  • To attain an understanding regarding demography, biostatistics, epidemiology, and various other tools to assess the health of the community.
  • To understand the concepts related to health, wellness, and healing from a wide multicultural and historical perspective, and apply that in real life.

Academic Pathways

There are six pathways for an online health science degree that will decide the students who can go for admission in a particular health profession. For an entry-level job in any healthcare field, candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in health science.

Pre-Professional Studies

This option is for you if you want a strong foundation for your degree in any of the medical fields. For entry into undergraduate health science, degree students need to prepare for the entry as well as learn some major courses. This Pre-professional option will prepare you for entry into different undergraduate programs in medicine, optometry, Healthcare, and public health, etc.

— Health Care Studies

This is for the students who are not willing to have a clinical-based career and are interested in the healthcare industry as a profession. The base of the students will become solid in math, humanities, health care, and science. In this course, students can also earn minors, including the majors of health sciences for more job opportunities and personal interests. Students with a bachelor’s degree in health science are prepared for having jobs in Healthcare and medical-related fields.

— Health Care Advancement Studies

This option is only for those students who are already in the health care fields and have an A.S (Associate of Science degree), A.A. (Associate of Arts degree), A.A.S (Associate of Applied Science degree). The above-mentioned students who want to polish their knowledge and increase their interests in Healthcare can take advantage of this option. These students can go for graduate programs after completing their Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences.

— Undergraduate Clinical Informatics

This option gives the basic knowledge of how to use electronic health records and technology to work more efficiently and get the best healthcare outcomes.

— Undergraduate Public Health

This will give basic information on public health principles, health issues, and epidemiology for those who want public health as their careers.

— Undergraduate Research

This will give an organized track for those who want a career in healthcare-related fields. Students will get the chance to work with different scientists in health disparities, basic biomedical research, clinical research, biostatistics, methodologies, and epidemiology.

Educational Prospects

Students who have done their bachelor’s in the health sciences will come to know that they are ready to go into their desired graduate school. This online bachelor’s degree in health science will prepare you for coursework in public health, health administration, and pathology. You can do research or teach others at the university level when you get a doctorate in health science. After completing the bachelor’s, you can pursue a master’s degree in health science. You can expand your educational horizon by incorporating research into it. You are right to choose this field if you love to do research in health science rather than a practical job. Health science studies have proven to have a lot of advantages. Those who have completed their bachelor’s degrees are aware of the fact that they can work in medical labs, health administration, or in any medical field. They have more job opportunities than other people.

Admission Process

The admission requirements and procedures for the online bachelor’s vary with institutes. But generally, the candidate must have an associate’s degree in a health science-related field from a recognized institution. A certificate, diploma, or work experienced (documented) in the desired area of study can serve the purpose of admission in the online program. Most of the institutions require the students to attain professional credentials before admission.

Admission Requirements

To maintain a qualified and strong student body, the universities have a list of requirements that are vital for admission. These are:

  • Applicant must be 16 years of age or above
  • He/she must be able to show high school completion
  • He/she must have English proficiency
  • The applicant must have completed high school with good grades.
  • Must have a minimum test score on SAT or ACT.

In the case of transfer students:

  • The applicant must have completed 24 credit hours of college coursework, together with the equivalent of English or math with a C grade or better.
  • He/she must have a CGPA of at least 2.5 in the course work
  • In the case of non-English speakers, a TOEFL score of 79 and an IELTS score of 6.5 is required.

Required details

To apply for an online bachelor’s program along with the application form, you will need to provide the following documents and details:

  • The name of the applicant and the contact information
  • Information regarding applicant’s residency, citizenship, and visa information; Previous college or high school’s name and location Names with the time period.
  • Transfer students will also need to contact their previous institutes to request the official transcripts.

Online Application

The first step to apply for admission is to fill out the online application form that is readily available at the websites of all the institutes. Applicants can submit the form after completing it and paying the application fee.  

Entrance Exam

The entrance exam may or may not be required, as it is totally up to the institute you are choosing. Some universities ask for the submission of standardized test scores to evaluate the applicants to accept them for their online bachelor’s programs, while some other universities need an entrance exam to choose candidates.

Foundations Courses

To get admission to an online bachelor’s degree program, the students should complete the foundation courses offered by the universities. These courses are designed to provide students with basic skills that are required to thrive in academic life. After completing the courses, students can continue their desired degree program. It is to be noted that this requirement of foundation courses varies from institute to institute.


The most important step of admission is sending the documents. It is suggested to send the document online directly to the admission advisor or to the particular email address of the institute that is mentioned on the site. Those unable to submit original documents can submit alternative documents. The verification of the documents is very necessary.

Health Sciences Career prospects

Online Health Science Degree

Students with bachelor’s degrees in health science are ready for doing different jobs within every field related to the health care system. Most of the students are observed to find jobs in hospitals, insurance agencies, continuing care facilities, and hospice organizations. Some of them have found jobs in private organizations, dental offices, and public health organizations. Many of those students are also pursuing their master’s degree along with their job. You can easily align yourself according to the increasing job opportunities with your bachelor’s degree in health science.

The bachelor’s in health science will also polish your management skills in your desired field of health science like clinical laboratories, medical assistant, office management, cardiovascular technology, neurodiagnostic technology, radiology, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, nuclear medicine technology, sonography, radiation therapy technology, and surgical technology.

Rising Requirements of Health Service Managers

According to the reports of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the basic level of education for entry in medical and health services as a manager is a bachelor’s degree in health science. Some employers prefer a master’s degree. The report shows that there is an 18% increase by 2028 in the requirements of health service managers. Well-qualified people having enough experience in the health care sector will be the most in-demand in the future. The annual salary of a health service manager in 2019 is 100980 US dollars per year. This is more than the average salary of US employees.

Health educator

Health educator gives health education and manages programs to assist individuals, communities and different organizations to maximize healthy lifestyle for them. He will analyze and collect data to know which one is the most deserving community before monitoring, implementing, evaluating, and planning the designs for programs. Health educators can also serve to help other healthcare employees, individuals, communities with education programs related to healthcare.

Community Health Workers

These workers help the communities to develop a healthy lifestyle. They also help health organizations and medical personnel in the implementation of programs for the healthy lifestyle of a particular community. They also give knowledge about the availability of resources, do counseling, support socially, give free services such as blood pressure screening and first aid, etc.


Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences allows students to get prepared for different health careers because of its flexible education options and interdisciplinary nature. Students can explore different options in health-related fields to improve their knowledge, interpersonal skills, and values through online degrees in Health Sciences. The online bachelor’s degree is best for those who are interested in health professions. All the important coursework is available online and also on campus, you can choose with your convenience whatever mode you want.


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