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Oregon State University offers online Computer Science degrees to U.S. students and international students. It offers the most popular major among all other best universities in the U.S. Its CS degree’s popularity against other well-recognized U.S. universities is 43% which is the highest of all. The reason is that Oregon’s flexible online computer science degree provides huge benefits. These benefits include top-notch computing as well as programming skills. This knowledge coupled with skills makes students highly valued in the eyes of recruiters. Let’s dive deep and understand further about this amazing university.



A Sum-Up of Oregon State University

Oregon State University is a public grant research university in Corvallis city of Oregon, United States. The institute was founded back in October 1868 in Corvallis. The main campus is the size of 420 acres located at Corvallis in Willamette Valley. It offers more than 200 undergraduate programs along with many graduate and doctoral degrees. It is considered as Oregon’s largest university because almost 32000 students get enrolled each year. The University ranks 139th nationally by the U.S. News & World Report and #259 globally, and the #33rd most innovative university of United States in 2020. 

Online Bachelor’s Computer Science Degree

Admission Criteria

Oregon State University is well known for its Computer Science online degree program with the best ranking of 43% among all the other majors offered by the university. The admission criterion for entering the bachelor’s degree is the high school preparation of Mathematics, English, and Science. The written and oral communication prerequisites for entering the Bachelor’s of CS include the WR 121 and COMM 111 or COMM 114 tests. WR 121 is an English composition test that requires academic writing, critical writing, and information literacy whereas COMM 111 or COMM 114 is a communication test with a minimum C grade.

For U.S. Citizens & Permanent Residents of America

Online Bachelor’s of Computer Science degree requirements for the U.S. citizens and permanent residents are that the student must have a 2.25 GPA in his all collegiate work completely attempted. Students who are permanently residing in the United States can also transfer their academic credit courses from other universities to complete their BS.CS degree from Oregon State University.

For International Students

International students are required to complete the freshman admission form to have a valid passport, official high school transcript, MasterCard, scholastic record, other necessary background information, and SAT or ACT scores to be considered for admission in the online graduate computer science degree of Oregon.

High School Requirement

An international student must be graduated from a secondary school or a high school with at least 14 completed academic units. These prerequisite academic units include English, Mathematics, and Science along with TOEFL and SATs with good bands. International students with two years of foreign language instruction or courses for English language requirements are also preferred for admission.

Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA)

A student must have a 2.75 CGPA or equivalent in his all collegiate work completely attempted. Besides that, a student must have average C grades in his/her all academic core subjects in all the schools attended before.

Test Scores for Written and Communication Requirements

The degree requirement for BS.CS. Online is a written and an oral communication test which includes the WR 121 and COMM 111 or COMM 114 tests. WR 121 is an English composition test for written efficiency which requires students’ knowledge of academic writing, critical writing, and information literacy. COMM 111 or COMM 114 is a communication test requires for entering the Online Bachelor of Computer Science program. Students must have passed both the test with a minimum C grade.

Online Bachelor’s of Computer Science Degree Duration

The credits required for completing the course online are 180 and Oregon University is on a quarter term system costing $371 per credit. There are 4 start terms or quarters per year of the course and classes conducted through online mediums are 11 weeks long. The course credits of 4 years per quarter are equal to the 120 credits of the semester.  Students can specialize in different areas including evaluation, implementation, design, and management of security systems and can stand out as a computing leader.

Course Fee

Oregon University is on a quarter term system and the course of B.S. Computer Science costing $371 per credit. The course fee for 180 credit hours is 67,195 USD. The cost or fee per credit is calculated according to the tuition per credit. The cost credit doesn’t include the expenses of course materials, associated fees, expenses of textbooks and related materials of the course.


Computer Science degree from Oregon State University immerses the lovers of technology and computers in finding the interactive ways of problem-solving for solving the problematic tricks in mathematical, scientific, and engineering fields. The sample course topics e-CS bachelor’s degree cover is available on the academic catalog of university websites including computer forensics, cryptography, database, computer systems, and networking, the theory of computation, network security, and social and ethical issues in computer science.

Also, the program includes the important aspects of programming curriculum such as programming fundamentals, software engineering, operating systems, and mobile and web development. These broad ranges of courses from diverse computing fields allow an individual to start his career from a custom sensor board to a professional cloud data coordinator.

Financial Aid

Financial aid at Oregon State University is a separate process for each type of student residing in the US or internationally admitted.

Freshman living in Oregon

The student who is currently residents of Oregon and graduated from a high school and has a 0-23 credit hours course at Financial aid at Oregon State University is a separate process for each type of student residing in the US or internationally admitted.

University can apply for this scholarship.

Freshman-Non Residents of Oregon

Students of Oregon State University but not the permanent residents of Oregon having a minimum of 24 quarters completed or the transferable credits from any well-recognized university of United States can apply for the said scholarship or financial aid.

Despite these scholarships or financial aids, online students can look for financial grants offering by state, federal, and institutional aid if the student is eligible. The best thing about these grants or aids is that they are not repayable.

Benefits of Online Computer Science Degree with Oregon

Oregon State University is well known for its Computer Science online degree program with the best ranking of 43% among all the other majors offered by the university. The degree’s curriculum for online delivery is designed by the top world-class faculty members who are famous worldwide for their research, hands-on expertise, and innovation in the field of computing. Through online quality education in this global village, Oregon institute is crashing barriers down among different people residing in different cultures and countries. The added benefit of enrolling in Oregon’s computer science degree is that its e-campus also features an option in applied computer science through which an individual can build his custom curriculum within the area of security once enrolled. One of the benefits of studying a bachelor’s of Computer Science with Oregon is that the students enrolled in Oregon online or e-campus receives the same quality education as well as diploma or degree as those who receive it from the campus.

Oregon’s Post-baccalaureate Computer Science Online

The post-baccalaureate CS online program is a flexible and unique option for those individuals who’re seeking their second bachelor’s degree with a major in computer science. It is more advanced than a bachelor’s degree because students already complete their first undergraduate degree and who want to build their career in the field of computer science through Oregon’s post-baccalaureate under the umbrella of continuing education opportunity.

Admission Criteria

Students can start from any undergraduate degree from any field of education with no prior computer science training required. Once enrolled in the program, any individual can start any term and control his or her pace of the program to tailor his or her interests, career goals, and life demands flexibly.

Diverse Career Building Electives

The post-baccalaureate computer science online program of Oregon benefits the students to choose from a large and growing selection of electives from all the related fields of computer science. Electives for enrolling in Oregon’s online post-baccalaureate computer science program include cyber-security, networking, open-source engineering, usability engineering, ethics, mobile software development, parallel programming, independent project work, and cloud software development. These large ranges of electives in fast-growing omnipotent computing technology span students’ professional life as well as academic opportunities ahead in better and rewarding ways. 

Course Work Duration

Oregon’s post-baccalaureate computer science program takes 60 credits to be officially graduated from Oregon. Students have a flexible facility for choosing courses per term according to their consent. The only requirement is that students have to complete the entire degree in two years.

Course Work

Major courses in the program include data structures, web development, intro to computer science I and II, analysis of algorithms, software projects, computer architecture and assembly language, software engineering-II, discrete structures in computer science, introduction to databases, and operating systems. Students also have to complete 12 credits of electives which they can flexibly choose from CS300-400 level courses available online.  

Prerequisites for Students For Getting Enrolled

The course curriculum is flexible both for U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States and international pupils, too.

U.S. Residents

For U.S. citizens, the degree requirement includes a U.S. bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any subject except computer science itself. A prior undergraduate degree CGPA should be at least 2.75 or equivalent for getting enrolled in the said post-baccalaureate degree.

International Students

International students can also apply for the post-baccalaureate computer science online degree program off-campus with flexible options. The individuals who do not have English as their primary language and having a bachelor’s degree without English as the medium of instruction needs to submit the passing score in TOEFL. Additionally, the program also demands completing the minimum grades in introductory writing, communication, and mathematics courses.

Flexibility of Course

The course is flexible enough for meeting online students’ needs that they can do their coursework from any place and from any time of the day. Students can also access undergraduate research opportunities, student clubs, and other career services through Oregon’s e-campus of Computer Science.

Additional Feature of Online Computer Science Degree with Oregon

Capstone Senior Design Projects Program

Oregon aims to seamlessly facilitate the local as well as international students’ transition to the engineering profession. Students enrolled in the undergraduate schools of Computer Science need to complete the three-term course sequence from October to May to expose students to the challenges of engineering designs and project management in the field of computing technology. This career preparation course sequence includes open-ended design, quality project artifacts, schemes, codes, and project management. It also facilitates in documentation and production of the final prototype for a small team’s work environments. The mentors who monitor each capstone project are from different arrays may be from the computing industry, working at non-profit organizations, faculty members of the Oregon State University, or common persons from a computing community. The program requirement is that an individual needs to be careful about his/her project and willing to work with the student community for one hour a week.

Presentations of Capstone Senior Design Projects by Oregon

The capstone senior design computing projects culminate in the Undergraduate Engineering Expo held by Oregon State University for the students to present their high energy capstone senior project posters and for demonstrating their prototypes. Every year, the annual event of presenting capstone senior projects attracts millions of people including the computing industry top world-class representatives. 

This capstone senior project program also allows students to present their capstone projects to the employers in Portland at a Career Showcase Event during June and December.

Career Opportunity

  • Earning a Computer Science degree from Oregon State University can immerse the students broadly in the digital future of computing and technology.   
  • Students after completing Online Oregon’s CS degree can earn up to $122,840 with an accredited organization as a computer and information research scientist.
  • Smart students can combine Oregon’s online computer science programs with business as a minor course and can be a leader fitting for today’s computing market.


In conclusion, Oregon State University is one of the best universities in the U.S. It offers top quality online education at very affordable fees. Furthermore, the quality of faculty is unmatchable with any other institute. Above all, the companies and recruiters prefer the students of Oregon State University.

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