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The scientific revolution and rapid digitalization have influenced every aspect of human life. It has turned every other impossible into possible. The education sector is the biggest example of this change. Hence, the education sector is improving due to this advancement in science and technology. Thus, online learning is now becoming an essential part of academia. This online learning has paved the way for an online computer science degree. Computer Science is the study of computers, computational systems, and technology. Online Computer science degree programs offer a unique combination of subjects and skills. It enables the students to achieve goals according to their passion and interests. The resilience of a computer science degree has created countless opportunities. Students can now balance studies with family and work due to online studies. Above all, the 21st-century world is computer-dependent. So, the job opportunities for Computer science graduates are tremendous.

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Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science Degree

An online bachelor’s in CS(Computer Science) degree allows the students to complete their degree in innovative and dynamic learning surroundings as it blends modern technology with the traditional learning methods. It provides fundamental and advanced training to the students who opted for the bachelor’s in computer science by covering topics and concepts like algorithms, data structures, software engineering, and operating systems. This online bachelor in Computer Science has usually four years of full-time study.  After the bachelor’s in computer science, the graduates can also go for a master’s degree to progress their careers. 

Online computer science associate degrees:online computer science degree course Image

Several computer science careers need a bachelor’s degree but the worth of a transferable associate degree should not be ignored by the prospective students. Associate degrees give affordable access to education making it very easy to seek bachelors. Computer science associate degree generally gives an introduction to tech applications, programming languages, and many other multimedia tools. Many students opt for many online computer science associate programs. All these techno-based solutions derive their roots from computer science. Earning an online associate degree in computer science ensures that the students understand and learn to analyze the business problems and taking advantage of technology to solve them. As software infuses all dimensions of business i.e., from the manufacturing stage to the marketing stage so that why there are a huge scope and high demand for qualified professionals capable of development. To begin a career in the diverse field of computer Science the first step is to peruse an online CS associate degree.

Practical: lab work:online computer science degree Image

Humans generally learn greatly from “doing things”. For this reason, learning is referred to as an active process. As computer science is a study regarding computers so practical work is a vital aspect of the degree. As we know the lab is a room that has appropriate apparatus and equipment for the conduction of experiments. The students availing the online facilities are provided with various alternatives and substitutes among them most significant is the use of virtual labs with simulation software.

  • Virtual labs contain the simulation software that runs on the host apparatus. This is ensured by setting up realistic simulations using real-world situations.

Career Resource Centers and Placement Cell

Many universities that offer online bachelor’s in computer science provide career centers to facilitate the students in traversing their way through graduation and then in their job searching journey. The career services department provides fresh graduates with advisers and opportunities for the exploration of potential careers. It includes counseling, arranges workshops, inclusive training, mock interviews, internships, and on-campus placements. Many institutes like the University of Illinois, University of Florida, etc. provide their students with job placement services.

Computer Science Jobs for Bachelor’s Degree-holders

The sphere of computer science is enhancing day by day as the modernization in technology is constantly creating new dimensions and opportunities. So the graduates having a bachelor’s degree in CS relish enormous career opportunities such as software developer, information security analyst, computer systems analyst, network administrator, application programmer, coder, video game developer, software engineer, systems analyst, application developer, business intelligence analyst, data-based administrator, network architect, stimulation expert, software project manager, and system integrator. Other computer science careers include artificial intelligence, robotics, system design, project management and training, Digital Arts, web development, and application programming.

Institutes That Offer Online Computer Science Program:

The emergence of platforms of online learning like edX, Udemy, and Coursera has been changed according to the way students get their educational degree programs. The following institutes are also offering computer science degree programs via online methods.

The University Of Florida

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BS in Computer Science offered online by the University of Florida, it provides a sturdy foundation in computer science. This degree prepares students as computer professionals and also offers freedom in making choices of other non-computer coursework. This degree is specifically designed for those who are not interested or not able to take the traditional on-campus programs. Those who opted for online BSCS programs are provided with the same academic options as provided to the students who are enrolled offline. UF Online BSCS degree is perfect for those who want to get technical and quality education in computer science. It requires 29 minimum credit hours in coursework, 6 for major electives, and 35 for core coursework. It is one of the affordable institutes for students having financial issues.

Trident University

Trident University has been ranked high among the top universities offering Computer Science online degree program. Students can offer for a normal degree and also with specializations in cybersecurity. Degree with Specialization in Cybersecurity is required for those students who are willing to learn about testing, hacking, and information security. It is one of the best online institutions for providing degrees in education, health, business, and computer science. Trident University provides 120 credit hours for an online BSCS program. Students can get an online degree in Computer science along with the knowledge of security and technology, human-computer interaction networking, and data communication. It has an active learning approach to teach students about computer science. It is one of the few Institutes offering cybersecurity along with computer science.

Oregon State Universityonline computer science degree course Image

Douglas Engelhard and Stephen O. Rice, who created a mouse and the famous Rice’s formula have studied at Oregon State University. The School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering is offering an online bachelor’s degree in computer science. The bachelor in computer science at the Great Oregon State University is completed in a duration of one to four years. The program has a total of sixty credit hours. Every instructor who teaches BSCS at Oregon State University is an expert in Computer Science. The BSCS program is provided over four different levels of acceleration. And it can be completed in a single year. The online degree programs of Oregon State University have a great scope of jobs for the students because of the experts who teach them.

Florida State Universityonline computer science degree course Image

Florida State University has been offering the online Bachelor of Science in a computer science program from years around the world. The computer science program offered by Florida State University is completely an online program and is equivalent to an offline degree in BSCS. The requirements for the students availing this degree program is an AA degree. The offline degree program takes place years for completion, whereas an online part-time degree program takes 4 years for the accomplishment of the same degree. Throughout the online program of BSCS, a mentor is assigned by the university for continuous support. University offers flexible course duration. The BSCS program offered by Florida State University also offers a minor in mathematics.

Old Dominion University

The Old Dominion University offers an online undergraduate degree program for a bachelor of science in computer science. It is among the most popular private universities in the US. It is one of the most affordable universities for a BSCS online degree. The Old Dominion University not only provides detailed fundamentals of a computer science degree but also provides a detailed study of computer networking, data science, programming paradigms, information security, and other highly rated subjects and fields of computer science and engineering programs. The online BSCS program from Old Dominion University is very affordable, and every single online course follows a proper academic calendar. Because of online learning, the material for the program is available from any location.

University of Illinois, Springfield

The University of Illinois Springfield offers a bachelor of science in computer science, and it requires the students to have one semester of calculus and two years of Java programming. It is also one of the most affordable universities and top-ranked universities in the US for an online degree program in computer science. It also gives scholarships to students who secured high grades and financial aid to needy students. Along with Java programming and calculus, students can also learn statistics and finite or discrete math. Currently, the offline BSCS is offered in the newest campus of the University of Illinois Springfield. The University of Illinois is one of the earliest adopters of online learning. Once in the past, it was one of the two upper graduate universities.

Lewis University

Lewis University was founded as an aviation technical school back in 1932. Now it offers online comprehensive learning for its students. The university offers many online degree programs, one of which is the Bachelor of Arts and Science in computer science. Students who opt for online BSCS degrees are eligible for perusing careers in data science, cybersecurity, and software engineering. Students can get their degree in two years while taking eight-week classes. The curriculum for BSCS consists of coursework in many topics like client-server computing and programming along with relevant ethical and legal issues. In a bachelor’s degree in computer science, students complete a thesis, an internship, and a research project.

Regent University

Regent University is another popular University offering a computer science degree online. Regent University provides flexibility to augment the degree for students to make it best for their professional interests. The fee structure for online computer science program is ranked amongst the top 15 affordable institutions in the US. In the whole time duration of the online degree students also learn about social and ethical challenges and are provided with other careers connected to computer science and technology. Students learn efficient computer skills about how to solve complex computational problems. It has affordable tuition fees. Most of the structure developed for learning is under the Christian worldview. It also has a list of well-known alumni in many fields.

DePaul University

DePaul University is one of the top institutions that offer computer science degrees or BSCS, which is delivered online completely. This degree is offered online by DePaul University, but it is not at all self-paced. Students are awarded the freedom of watching recorded lectures anytime they feel convenient. Along with the general online degree, two specialized courses are also offered by DePaul University for BSCS students. There are two project requirements for online bachelor degrees in computer science and that is one senior year and one sophomore year. It is one of the 100 most popular and innovative organizations for information technology. In the US it contains the most diverse student bodies. Many computer science programs are offered free to the public.

Southern New Hampshire University

The Southern New Hampshire University offers an online computer science bachelor’s degree along with Java, C++, and python in the most efficient way. The online BSCS program offered by Southern New Hampshire University is emphasized by the development and design of computer software and is eager to prepare the students for solving and quantifying world problems easily. The University tries to apply different collaborative strategies for the creation of a portfolio to develop and design software. It helps the students to understand how to secure the information system. The online BSCS degree involves the use of software testing and development in only 120 credit hours. This institute is also recognized by the New England commission for higher education.


In conclusion, an online computer science degree is the need of the hour. Therefore, all the top institutes are offering programs in computer science. Above all, the demand for CS professionals is high in the market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected a job increase of 12% in CS and IT during 2018-2028.

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