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People who have been in a particular career for a certain time have various levels to which we aspire in the form of promotions. We know that for a promotion that will give us a better title, and more money. We must be willing to work hard and showcase our ability and commitment. But, like anything else in business, promotions are often competitive. And for those who wish to get a leg up on the competition, it may be beneficial to further their education. To this end, the Penn State University Online MBA degree can be just the thing to push an employee’s career.



Why You Should Pursue an Online MBA?

It is for people who are already fully committed to their job, and unable to attend lengthy classes. Luckily, for these non-traditional students, there is the opportunity of earning an online MBA.

Various accredited colleges and universities may offer such programs exclusively or in addition to their traditional on-campus programs. The Penn State Online MBA ranks on top due to their professional way of teaching. Keep in mind, that the pursuit of a higher degree of education can make a big difference when an employer is considering several employees for promotion.

About Pennsylvania State University Online MBA

You are busy. You work full-time. But you need an MBA degree to supercharge your career. Penn State Online MBA Programs is the solution for you. They’ve designed their programs to fit the schedule of busy professionals by making it 100% ONLINE. It is the most flexible and affordable online graduate degrees available today. Students can study when and where they want, and benefit from a program designed specifically for the Web.

Penn State University’s mission is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and practical work background they need to succeed in life. The university believes in today’s students because they will become highly desired professionals tomorrow. In keeping with this focus, the university evaluates and modifies its program to meet the population’s evolving needs.

About Penn State University

The University is highly ranked for its MBA online program. It was founded in 1855 and started offering fully online programs in 1998. You can find more than 60 online education programs included in its net of four colleges. Students who are interested in getting a doctoral, master’s or bachelor’s degree can enroll in these programs and get the proper knowledge. 

As an MBA online student, you will find the knowledge you need for boosting your career on the upper level, expand your managerial techniques and skills, improve your knowledge, and use it in your work. By getting the degree, you will get a solid foundation in all business areas and be equipped with all the proper tools for heading to business growth.

Why Penn State University Online MBA?

Fits Your Busy Lifestyle

The Penn State Online MBA Program designed that fits your busy lifestyle with the ultimate experience oriented towards your career goals. Further, the quality of education remains the same for on-campus and off-campus students with a comprehensive student support system.

Course Ranking

Further, the Penn State Online MBA Ranking holds #6th position worldwide. Due to this reason, it becomes the most successful program that’d like to excel in a student’s career.

As you already know, those who are making the rankings are using several methods to discover the best online MBA programs in the world. With its Council of Higher Education accreditation and 2-year program, Penn State University represents one of the most respected online courses in the world.

Friendly Environment

You’ll love the team consists of full-time international faculty, experienced career advisor, qualified administration staff, and quality educational material. This program encourages-total commitment in studies to improve our ability to think critically, participate in unfamiliar situations, and achieve career success. Uniquely, each course taught to turn a corporate mentality through traditional rigorous courses and the dynamic discussion on team learning scenarios.

Program Details

  • Duration—24 to 36 months.
  • Admission Deadlines*
    • For Fall—The early deadline is March, 01 & the Standard deadline is May,20.
    • For Spring–The early deadline is September, 01 & the Standard deadline is October,20.
    • For Summer—The early deadline is Jan, 01 & the Standard deadline is Feb, 20.

[* Subject to change at any time.]

Note—Students who’ve applied or submitted their application by the early deadline will be given priority consideration. So, it’s suggested to submit your application as early as possible.

Coursework Information

The 48 credit hours online MBA program built around the 03 part ICE framework, which are:

  • Teaching
  • Learning Approach
  • Incorporates the principles of incorporation, teamwork, and engagement.

The program endeavors to unify business concepts across the business disciplines. Allowing you to engage in problem-solving mind-set. Further, each course includes a group project to boost peer interaction and to build a learning community.

Penn State MBA online consists of 39 core credits and 9 credits of concentration course work. All courses are asynchronous, which means you need not access at a particular time. Due to this feature, you have the freedom to study anywhere, anytime.

Penn State University Online MBA Requirement for Students of the USA

From enrolment to graduation, and beyond, the entire staff at Penn State University is dedicated to your success. They make it easy to become a student. To help you get started, your enrolment advisor will guide you through the entire application process, and answer all your questions about your program, courses, forms, fees, transfer of credits, and credits awarded for work experience. 

  • Application Form—Duly filled electronic application form.
  • Application Fee –
  • Submission of Transcript—You need to submit an official transcript from each university/institution you have attended. Please attach a certified translation of the transcript, if not in English.
  • Test Scores—You need to submit your GMAT or GRE test score directly to the institute on their given address, mentioned on the website below:


  • Professional Resume–It’s mandatory to upload your professional Resume comprises of 01 to 02 pages maximum. According to their admission criteria, 02+ years of professional working experience is required with an emphasis on post-undergraduate.
  • 02 Letter of Recommendation–While initiating the process through the electronic application by submitting the names of 02 references with their names and e-mails. Once you have submitted, the university will send them a request to complete a brief online recommendation regarding your success and behavior.
  • Letter of Motivation–Their letter of motivation is particularly different from other universities. You need to answer their 06 short questions mentioned on their website, allowing the admission committee to know more about you. These questions are:
    • What are your long-term and short-term goals?
    • Why we should give you admission?
    • Give a brief about your leadership qualities with an example.
    • How you will handle unexpected changes to your schedule?
    • Give an example of constructive criticism and how you took it?
    • Explain how you are preparing for the success of the program?
  • Optional Interview – It’s the part of the admittance criteria. The admission committee has full rights to conduct online interviews to ensure a student’s capabilities.

Penn State University Online MBA Requirement for Students outside the USA

All of the requirements are same for the internal students as mentioned in above section except:

  • English Language Proficiency – It’s mandatory to submit a TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE score report for international students.
    • Required Academic IELTS – Minimum 6.5 on each band.
    • Required TOEFL – Minimum 5500 score on the PBT or 80 on the IBT

After submitting all the required documents electronically, the admission committee will consider the entire portfolio of the students who seek admission.

Do they need to go to the US for this degree?

Yes, you have to – A five-day residency held at University Park at the beginning of the program.

The coursework MBADM810 (Team Performance) is taught live and in-person. Further, the attending residency in the US is essential to connect various students, faculty staff, and alumni for MBA course success.

Penn State Online MBA Acceptance Rate

Due to their tough and transparent admission criteria, the acceptance rate of the university is 50.3%.

Penn State Online MBA Cost

According to the website source – Academic Tuition Fees for 2020-2021 is $1,236 per credit hours. If you’re reading this article after 2021, then please check their website because it may vary.

This comprehensive cost includes an Online MBA program coursework fee, lodging or residency, and meals during the semester. However, transportation cost from the residency to the university is not included in the above price. Further, there are no hidden or additional charges.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Some students may be nominated for financial aid offered by the university. Please check the below link to learn the particular aid criteria:


Other than that, a few highly competitive merit-based scholarships are available to Online MBA students who have demonstrated extraordinary performance during the semester. You don’t have to apply separately for the scholarships because the university automatically considers students who’ve admitted. The decision of scholarships is solely dependent on the university admission committee.

In addition to scholarships, the university also offers an installment plan for individuals to pay for his or her education.

Benefits of Penn State Online MBA

It’s simply one of the best options for those who wish to pursue their studies in one of the most reputed colleges in the USA. Committed to the world-class center for education. They offer both open learning as well as flexible studies for their elite students. Their final motto is to avail of an amazing educational portfolio to their aspirants.   

  • International Faculty

Penn State University is magnificent from all viewpoints. They are integrated with unique teaching staff and assimilated with committed professionals who help their students grow their vital skills and abilities. They undoubtedly create a better life for their students. 

  • Online Student Support Service

The university online MBA program assigns an academic advisor to every student, offers 24/7 support, registration assistance, and consultation for financial aid. The library of the school has its digital database, which can be accessed any time you want. This library is opened just to give you additional help and support for your academic work.

  • Fully Accredited

The MBA programs at Penn State University are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.


Getting your Penn State MBA Online degree can be very beneficial to your future. It can be less time consuming and much more convenient than traditional classroom classes.

Penn State University’s online MBA program has a clear goal: providing professionals with all fundamental skills about business. To provide actionable and immediate information that can return their investment. An average student who is eligible to enroll in this program has 2+ years of experience in his business field.

This university has been accredited by the Council of Higher Education. This is like a “gold medal” which is given to the top business schools in the whole world. Penn State University’s online MBA program is also regionally accredited by the Middle State Commission on Higher Education.

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