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India and Pakistan are two adjacent countries. They are also bitterest enemies against each other. In that scenario, we created this website as a joint venture between India and Pakistan.

I am Rivu Majumder. I am an Indian. I bought this domain name and host. So, I am the owner of this site. But, all the people who designed this site, provided the blog content, did the off-page SEO works, are mainly from Pakistan.

Then the question can easily arise that what did I do? I planned the entire thing. I searched and found the niche, planned the design of the website, searched the keywords, and ordered the article based on those keywords. I did the full On-Page SEO work for blog posts too. I also wrote some of the articles present in this blog. Also, I designed Privacy Policy, About Us, and Why This Website Was Created pages. But the main work of implementation was done by some website designers and Content Writers from Pakistan.

I know if an Indian saw the above, he or she wouldn’t like it.  But it is a fact. If I gave an Indian to do the same work, then I had to pay far higher money and also I couldn’t be sure about the quality of the end product. They wouldn’t provide much production Support to me either. In my current financial situation, I cannot afford the above problems.  I received all of that above-mentioned support with high-quality output from some creators from Pakistan.

That is why I consider this Website is the product of a joint venture between India and Pakistan.

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